Wallet trackers

CoinTracker is one of the recently launched startups trying to help. Part of YC’s Winter ’18 class, it’s a platform to track your crypto across all exchanges, wallets, and even currencies. Today most crypto-enthusiasts try to do this using complicated and bloated Google spreadsheets. But that only works if you’re meticulous about recording each transfer and trade and have been so since you made your first crypto purchase.

CoinTracker tries to automate this process. You start by connecting its to every exchange you use (they currently support 13), but can also add the public address to any wallet that holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin and it will automatically read the balance and update it in your portfolio. If you hold other coins (they support and pull prices for 2,000+) you have to enter those manually, inputting how much you paid for them and on what date.

Having its hands in all of this transaction data allows CoinTracker to essentially detect when you transfer crypto between different exchanges or wallets, which means it can keep track of the cost basis and capital gains of your whole portfolio, regardless of where your crypto is being held.